Mongolian Yurt (Ger)

The word Yurt is an anglicised version of the Russian word 'Yurta' which in turn is derived from the Turcic word describing a campsite not a trellis-framed tent. Similarly the word 'Ger' is actually the Mongolian word for home; however English-speaking people tend to use this term to describe the tent itself. 


In a charming field 
 Covered with multi-coloured flowers, 
In the spacious Khanghai land 
Rich in green green grass
Floats a fast river
Flooding its banks
And those thousand herds
Graze in their pleasant pasture
There stand silver-white gers
Like pearly hail
Beautifying our Mongol country
As through a shining crystal ray.
Purevyn Khorloo (in Modern Mongolian Poetry 1989)






White Horse Yurts

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