About us

We met in whilst backpacking in Australia some 10 years ago and we finally got round to getting married in 2010 and wanted the day to be a little different. We decided on a humanist ceremony in a field on my dads farm but didn't want a traditional marquee. We had long been interested in Mongolia, its culture and especially its horses and came up with the idea of a yurt. We hired two for our wedding day and from that day on we were hooked.

Very sadly my mother lost her battle to cancer just before our wedding and to honour her memory we decided to use the money that she left us to buy some yurts of our own.  We wanted to give other people the opportunity of such unique experience for their special events. We spent a long time researching the best place to source our yurts and firmly believe that they are the best quality and most authentic yurts available.


Our name: "White Horse Yurts"

The horse is an invaluable animal in the everyday life of a mongol and the colour white is symbolic in Mongolian culture.

 The most popular holiday is the "Tsagaar Sar", (white month) or the new year which is celebrated in accordance with the lunar calender based on a cycle of 12 years, each bearing the name of an animal. The year of the horse is one of them. The colour white is thought to be a representative of happiness.

In a traditional form of marriage after completion of the ceremony, the bride is taken on a white horse to her new house while two of her friends dress her up and make two plaits in her hair, a symbol of a married woman. 

A legend credits the invention of the morin khuur (horse head fiddle) to a boy named Sükhe (or Suho). After a wicked lord slew the boy's prized white horse, the horse's spirit came to Sükhe in a dream and instructed him to make an instrument from the horse's body, so the two could still be together and neither would be lonely. So the first morin khuur was assembled, with horse bones as its neck, horsehair strings, horse skin covering its wooden soundbox, and its scroll carved into the shape of a horse head.  

And we have our own special "white" horse...Twiggy, who has kindly agreed to model for the website. 



White Horse Yurts

Mongolian Yurt Hire in Scotland

Contact: Edwin or Tamsin  ~  Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland  ~      Email: info@whitehorseyurts.co.uk  ~  Telephone: 07800861569  ~    www.facebook.com/whitehorseyurts